Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confessions of a FabuLESS Lady!

I have a confession.....but it was not a sin, and I don't need forgiveness!
I am not the least bit embarrassed to tell you this story.  Who should be embarrassed?
I will tell you!
Mc Donalds!!

I took the girls to get milkshakes as a special treat a few days ago.  I went through the drive-through at McDonalds and ordered 2 small vanillla milkshakes and pulled up to the window the pay.
The story goes something like this.

"Hi" I say to the friendly employee at the drive up window.

"Hey Hon," she says. 

So far so good!

"That'll be $5.18," friendly employee says.

"Oh, that's not my order.  I only ordered 2 small milkshakes," I say. 
(it happens. sometimes orders get mixed up, I was understanding of the situation, no biggie)

"That is for the 2 milkshakes."

"How much are they?" Now I am starting to get confused.

"They are $2.59 each," friendly employee explains.

"For 2 SMALL milkshakes?!"  I seriously couldn't believe my ears.


"I don't want them then," I say. 

Surprised friendly employee says, "You don't want them?"

"No thank you," I say.  I was polite as I refused to pay that price.

 And then I drove away. 

My little girl says, "Mama, where are our milkshakes?"

Don't worry people! 
I still got my little ones milkshakes!!  I'm not a monster!  Just frugal!  

I drove across the street to the Burger King where I ordered 2 small vanilla shakes off thier Value Menu for $1.49 a piece.  Now that is more like it!!! 

Everyone was happy! 
The girls had thier shakes....and I had $2.20 extra in my pocket!!

You know what they say about a penny saved......

I am not ashamed!  I am proud! 
My daughters got thier special treat...and a little lesson about saving money!
Pretty FabuLESS if you ask me!!!


  1. Remember when you threw a large amount of change in the trash rather than gather it all up as part of cleaning your room?

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  3. Got em Momma! Ya....I do remember that. Not a proud moment.

  4. That is totally awesome. I think you were completely justified and I would have done the same thing. I was at Kohl's recently and went up to pay for my stuff, and the last thing she rang up was a shirt. I saw the price that rang up for the shirt, I thought it was seriously on sale, and I said,I didn't want it. It was cute, but not that cute. You have to do stuff like that, otherwise, you will be more upset later that you wasted the money!