Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FabuLESS Vino!

It's time!!!  Don't miss out!!!
Grocery Outlet is having thier bi-annual wine sale starting on
Tuesday, March 30th through Saturday, April 3. 


If the LAST place you'd ever think about buying wine is at the GO....take a look at this post...stop being so snooty and save your money!  Read this......
The Oregon Wine Blog

Here is a post from Mary Cooks blog where she is reviewing wine she purchased from the GO with a $50 gift card they gave her.  She got 9 bottles of wine for $50ish!  Her first review is on a Malbec.

 Take a look at Colin Blogs too.  He is reviewing wine that he got from Grocery Outlet as well, a group of 6 Rose's.

Not every bottle you will buy is the best you've ever had, but at a average price of about $4.99, it's worth trying.  Often I have been VERY surprised when I've opened the bottle and taken that first sip.  The GO has a great selection and it is really fun and affordable to try out lots of different wines on a budget. 

Call your local GO and find out if they are doing tastings prior to the sale so you can try before you buy. 
I plan to be there when they open next Tuesday...with the back of my Tahoe cleared out!!!

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  1. Alena, you're my winner of the $50 Grocery Outlet gift card! Please send me your name and address to marycooksblog @ gmail.com and I'll mail you the card on Monday! Yay!!!